Good source for retired reserves?

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Demilled stuff on ebay all the time. Don't know what you can't find. There are both round and ram air military canopies on ebay right now for under $100, some under $50. They don't get much cheaper. Or go to http://www.govliquidation.com/ and type in parachute.

You can by them by the pallet.;)

Amazingly I just did and there aren't any current auctions.:$ There will be soon.

I'm old for my age.
Terry Urban

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There are usually plenty of MC-4 mains on ebay for decent prices.... Few with lines removed you could get cheap. Do you have a local surplus shop? I find T-10's, and MC-1C's all the time for $30 lines removed. I even found a brand new in the bag MC-4 for $98 at my local surplus shop..... of course I asked for more and they didnt have any as they had no clue what it was. Ive also found plenty of stuff on craigslist.

Im gonna need a bigger hammer....

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