Most numnber of jumps at a DZ

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Umm I'm guessing that the WFFC (Quincy/Rantoul)would have that.
Or do you mean a 'regular' DZ. Again I'm Guessing that somewhere like Eloy would be a hot favourite, no idea on numbers though.....

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"Didn't someone do 500 hop and pops in a day once?"

Most Parachute Jumps In 24 Hours

American Michael Zang completed 500 parachute jumps in the space of 24 hours at an airfield near Decatur, Texas, USA, from May 18–19, 2001. Completing a 640 m (2,100 ft) jump every 2 minutes 53 seconds on average, he called his attempt Jump4Kids and used it to raise money for the Special Olympics.

I think the guy was asking about a DZ getting the most bodies in the air in a day, though.

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Well.. At the last Hercules Boogie (2002) in Sweden we did one day 25 loads with an average of 80 jumpers/load = 2000 jumps. We did in total over 11 000 skydives during that week... Record? naaah but could be close to WFFC, I do think they make more in one day as they have more less 5000 skydivers on site and we only have 600.
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