Stolen Gear Alert!

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STOLEN GEAR ALERT! Taken from workshop in Oswego, IL around July 12th. Black and White Mirage G3, SN 04576, DOM 04/03. PDR 176, SN 030861, DOM 02/04. Aviacom Argus SN: 011772, DOM 4/20/2010. Please contact me if anyone tries to sell this equipment to you.

Thank for the eyes and ears!

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1. Police Report and email copy to several PDs in your region.

2. This: http://www.dropzone.com/stolen/

3. Not sure if Argus has an aggressive a stolen database as Cypres, but you might try registering the AAD with them.

4. Keep an eye on eBay & Craigslist.

5. Send the list to the USPA

6. Review This - for additional suggestions.

7. Email print out-able flyer to all the DZs in your region and some of the more larger regional ones (Arizona, Dallas, Perris, Deland, ZHills, etc.) and all the manufacturers of your equipment.

Good Luck.

Note: S/O had her gear stolen and did the same. Poor unlucky bastard over in the next State got pulled over by POPO and when they popped open the trunk... cop told his partners to hold on a second. Went back to his vehicle and came back with a flyer...

POPO was a skydiver. :D
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