Plastic Altimeter Pocket in Jumpsuit

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I think that UV stabilized clear PVC sheeting/film might be the right thing. It stays flexible down to -20C approximately and is long lasting.

I'm thinking of the kind of stuff used for tent windows or on some boats.
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I'm not familiar with Australia but if you can find a business that sells parts for or repairs campers (caravans in England but not sure what in Australia:S) they may be able and willing to sell you a small quantity of window material.


From this page

scroll down for US sources

Of course I also have a roll in my basement.:)
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Seeking advice regarding the plastic pocket on my jumpsuit which a friend is going to replace but I have no idea what kind of plastic to purchase that will withstand freefall.

I once went to an auto-top place that makes replacement tops for convertibles, and they gave me a nice scrap piece.

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