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I am due to go to spain at the end of Sep to do AFF at Ocaña. I have already completed 5 static line jumps towards the end of last year at Tilstock.

I have just booked a "complete" course at Milton Kenes wind tunnel (airkix) where they will teach me the basics of free fall. What is taught is much like AFF levels..

I am hoping people can offer advice on what to expect from AFF, moving from Static line; or can help me ensure I can get the most of the time in the tunnel before AFF.

Blue Skies!


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Listen to your tunnel instructors and try to be as receptive as possible.

Then listen to your AFF instructors, even if they contradict your tunnel training.

Don't expect to shorten your AFF progression however, as there is more to learn than the tunnel will teach you.

Above all remember to have fun.
You're not as good as you think you are. Seriously.

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I wenth thorugh a similar progression (few SL, 1 hour in tunnel, AFF) and I have to recommend it.

Just listen to all your instructors (tunnel & AFF), do not hesitate to ask questions, relax and make sure you arch well :)
my first "real" freefall was much faster than the one in tunnel and this was just about the only major difference (apart from the exits and openings)

just a little inspirational video to show what you may expect in the tunnel as a pre-AFF student

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