Need help identifying this D-bag

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I got this deployment bag with an MT-1Xs/SL container and I am guessing it can also be used with a static line. My concern is that fact there are no grommets for the closing stows, only loops. I havent seen this before and was wondering if it was a safe system to jump or if I should just look for a standard bag with grommets for FF jumping as apposed to static line.

Im gonna need a bigger hammer....

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This is the MT-1XS/SLOUTER DEPLOYMENT BAG for S/L jumps or the "D" bag for Free Fall jumps.

The could be used for both S/L & FF jumps.

When used for S/L it is a part of the MT-1XS/SL "Dual Bag" system = an INNER BAG which the main canopy is packed into it is packed with a small drouge chute which is attached to the slider as well into this OUTTER BAG & the S/L will be attached to the webbing loop at the top of the bag - the procees have more details & braek cords.

When used for FF it is the only "D" bag for FF jumps - a bridle attached to the canopy will be paased through the GROMMET in top of the bag you have & attached to a main MT-1 spring loaded p/c.

The Mil Spec. rubber bands which are attached to the small loops on the top side goes through the bag mouth flap tape loops & the lines are set as should in the rubber bands the other rubber bands are attached to the side small loops.

The manual shows that clear - if you don't understand the system go to a RIGGER who knows it - Do Not do it yoursef.

I hope that helps.


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