Typical fees for a SB?

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I have a customer affected by:

That's the SB for his Vortex 2. I just packed the rig 5 weeks ago. I may be able to do the inspection without needing to repack the rig but the toggle repair may not be so easy. If the toggle must be removed I do not want to risk adding brake line twists.

What would most riggers charge for these services? A complete repack + repair fees? Or do you try to save the packjob and charge some lesser fee?


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Hi Michael,

For the inspection part, I couldn't see charging more than $10 to $15. (That's $9.89 to $14.76 CDN). It's opening and closing a rig. As long as it isn't a pop-top -- those cost more to close.

For the toggle repair, consider that a free replacement is available. You could remove the toggle without twisting the line and take it to your machine.

For the cat-eye, it takes maybe 10 mins to unpick a bartack and restich it in a different place. I'd remove as much line from the freebag as needed and triple- or quadruple-wrap rubber bands to keep them from slipping.

I'd definitely try to save the pack job. Use rubber bands and hemostats to keep things neat. Don't take the brake line out of the guide ring, etc. If there is any question that something got twisted, I'd do a line check and repack.

Long answer short, $10 to 15 for the closing, $10 for the toggle, $10 to 15 for the bartack. $30 to 40 bucks, tops, with maybe a repack.

Unless it's just the inspection, moot point if you can't get a master rigger to sign off on it.


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