Military altitrack

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better mounting options, aluminum housing, waterproof.

You do realize you are going to pay almost double what you would pay for a standard Alti-track right? You are essentially paying for features you will most likely never use, the ALTISET feature for example as well as the ability to be submerged for 5 hours and then there is the cost associated with an aluminum housing. The standard version is water resistant and can handle the usual swoop pond dunking and is plenty durable to withstand recreational skydiving activity. If you want to mount it differently contact L&B and I am sure they can accommodate you with out having to purchase the military version. It's your money but I see no reason for you to pay close to $600, which is the ballpark cost, when it sounds like the standard version will fit your bill.
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We just got a bunch of them at work and I am not a fan.

True-it's tough: one of the altimeters that we first tested was literally used as a hockey puck, on ice for 30 minutes and is currently being jumped. (It has some wear on it, but has remained airworthy).

True-the feature that allows you to know the barometric pressure of the place you turn it on is nice (especially if you give it to your DZ party to send the data back to you if taking off higher or lower than the DZ for setting AAD offsets, etc.)

True-it has a lot of advantages of a digital with ease of reading of an analog.

It has a lot of nice features. But:

It is heavier than the old clunky MA1 military altimeters we had before. It sucks to wear on your wrist. It is HUGE. It is a pain in the ass to turn on and off. It has a back light-great, the military will make us wear em with chemlites for night any way... All of the features that a $250 Neptune or stock Altitrack that you will likely use, except it costs a lot more, is heavier and way overpriced.

The only good thing about it is that it will make a great weapon for fending off skydivers who scare you when they get close in free fall... ;)

Spend your money on a couple of Neptune's or Visio's instead. They also fit in your helmet, double as an audible, take up very little real estate and weigh nothing.

Just my opinion, and every body has those...

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