The Top 20 Things You Seldom Hear Rappers Say

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20> "Do these pants come in a smaller size?"
19> "Just a Fresca for me, thanks."
18> "Can't hang out, man. Gotta take little Timmy here to ballet class."
17> "Let's go with the plain white enamel crown, please."
16> "Oops, my briefs are showing!"
15> "Coco Chanel always said to look in the mirror before leaving the
house and remove at least one piece of jewelry." 14> "Ain't no such thing as 'too much banjo.'"
13> "Hey, you're going to damage the needle doing that! Just let it
12> "Who's up for 'Pictionary'?"
11> "I'm just sayin', dogg, superstring theory may be the only beeyotch
steppin' up right now as the possible grand unified theory of physics,
but until we can experimentally verify that it be the shizznit, I ain't
down wit it, cuz."
10> "Man, turn that bass down. I can scarcely hear myself think!"
9> "No... thank YOU, officer. I believe I *have* learned a valuable
lesson this time."
8> "We don't use potty talk in *this* house, little mister!"
7> "This Zima is the shiznizzle, but two is my limit."
6> "Now THAT'S good matzo!"
5> "We can't record it this way, with all of these grammatical errors --
for gosh sakes, we're role models!"
4> "I disagree, Kyle. Yanni could kick Tesh's ass." 3> "Calgon, take me away!"
2> "Heavens to Betsy, ladies! Cover those booties immediately! You'll
catch your death of cold!!"
1> "Now wave your hands in the air like you're trying to catch fireflies
on a warm Cape Cod summer evening!"

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