Cracked CYPRES 2 Screen :(

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Turned AAD on for my only jump of the day.
Landed and daisy chained the canopy to pack another day (Beer o'clock!).
A week later I take the rig out, pack the canopy, and as I put the PC away I see something wrong with the CYPRES screen....

The screen has leaked it's black liquid and you can see the crack across a layer.

No idea how it happened. Could it have been from leaving it in the car overnight by accident during a cold winter night?

Anyone know what the replacement costs / time are?

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You're going to have to send it in to Airtec, not sure how much that's gonna be, but it will be the riggers fee for pulling and putting it back in, plus whatever airtec charges for it.

Where is the controller located on your rig?
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i am a dealer for airtec and the rigger at the dz here.if you have a airtec dealer on your dz give it to him, he will return the unit to airtec for you or you can post it direct to airtec in germany. it normally takes about 7-10 before you have the unit back.
i had a couple of cases like this,and airtec never charrged for the repair,but you might have to pay the shipping costs.
your rigger who repacked your gear last should be able to pop the reserve and take your cypres out, there will be a small fee involved but if it where me a couple beers would do:P

if you have any further question drop me a private mail here and i help you out.

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Our rigger told me that slim chest straps have been detected to be the cause of cracked AAD displays in some rigs: When the display is - more or less unprotected - on the back side of the rig and you kneel on it to pull up the loop it might happen that the buckle of the chest strap - if it is lying directly under the rig (which might happen now and then) - that then it gets pressed against the display resulting in it cracking.

A lot of if's, you see. But might give an idea?

The rigger told me it has never happened with broad chest straps.
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