Learn how to properly commit arson

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Through Fark I found this article on the proper way to set up incendiary devices. I just don't understand how anyone could justify to themselves the possible injury or death of innocent people, not to mention the destruction others property, to push forward their cause in this manner.


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For what ever it's worth, ELF and ALF are closely connected and ELF is actualy considered a terrorist organization by the FBI. That manual you linked to has been out for several years now. I believe it was actualy posted on their web site 2-2 1/2 years ago shortly after a Lab was burned down in the Pacific north west. It strikes me as ironic that those radicals seeking to save the earth actuall add to the pollution by burning down labs that contain chemicals and other hazardous materials. It's like amputating an leg becasue you have a hang nail. Just my 2 cents.
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