What do you do for a living?

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If you ask my boss - I'm a kick-ass market/competitive researcher for a Big 4 firm.:(

If you ask me, or most people around me looking at my computer screen - I surf dz.com all day and then go home!:)
What would I love to do?? (see Sky:ph34r:One's post for answer!!B|)

[mutters quietly under breath]lucky bastard[/mutters quietly under breath];)

Kahurangi e Mahearangi,
Kiwi, RB #926, AFF-I, FAA Snr. Rigger, RN/BSN/Paramedic

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I feel that way, too, sometimes. (shoot, I only have like 30-somthing credits, and work full time so can't school full time). But, it's so great to be learning, I took the semester off cuz I didn't get FA, and I figured i'd get a 2nd job and save $$... but I wish i'd gotten in cuz i'm losing a semester and as awful as it sounds, I actually miss calculus. (shhhh). Hang in there!


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