Does anyone have a Synergy canopy by Precision??

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Hey Everybody,
I posted in the gear forum to see if anyone could give me any info on the new Ground Zero line by Precision (specifically the Synergy 210) After 50+ views no one has replied. I hope that's not a bad sign. I was hoping someone in this forum might have something to say about it. Thanks for your time
May the ground rise to meet you slowly

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Well, I can tell you I have a Synergy 170 and put over 80 jumps on it so far. My observations are:

1) It's no Spectre, I have over 150 jumps on the Spectre and NOTHING opens like a Spectre. I owned a Spectre 210 for about 100 jumps and currently own a Spectre 170 with around 60 jumps. Respective load factors are 1.2 and 1.43. Predicatable opening, on-heading and soft on the Spectre.

2) Synergy: SNAPO ! Highly suceptible to packing technique, however, it flies a hell a of a lot better than the Spectre. SOLID, almost turbulence-immune and plenty of flare at 1.43 load factor. Openings can be terminal reserve ride-like.

3) Haven't found many people flying Synergy canopies (uh?). So it's hard to compare notes.

Y yo, pa' vivir con miedo, prefiero morir sonriendo, con el recuerdo vivo".
- Ruben Blades, "Adan Garcia"

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