Vigil II CTRL ERROR CODE 6 should they...

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Hello Justin,

I am the representative who called you last Tuesday. I am quite sure you have misunderstood what we discussed, so I hope to clarify all of what I said again this in my email.
According to what your email was stating, your Vigil will need to be sent to the factory for service, however we will not be able to say for sure until we receive the unit here in our Florida office. We have not yet received your Vigil to verify the information.
Please see page 14 of the Vigil manual:
In case the «Ctrl Err» message appears due to a failure in the electronic circuits, you need to send the
Vigil® back to your dealer or to the factory for a complete check up.

Normally a service/repair that requires a return to the factory in Belgium takes approximately two weeks, (+/ - )and we cover all of this shipping, as well as the return of the unit to you. I believe you mentioned having a trip on the 20th and you were hoping to have your Vigil back before that date?
Because of this, ( and not what you now mentioned below on DZ.com) we agreed to ship you a new replacement unit and go ahead and send it on its way without having first received your Vigil back. This was a decision made in the interest of time, so that you would be covered before your trip on the 20th .

Without having received a tracking number (of your Vigil return ) from you, we shipped you replacement on September 7th. According to UPS:
Scheduled Delivery:
Wednesday, 09/14/2011, By End of Day

After receiving your very first email, our road representative called you back on a Sunday. He did so as an attempt to help. Any misunderstanding of what you were reporting was simply a misunderstanding, not any malicious attempt to upset you. It makes no difference to you which error code was showing, you have to send the unit back no matter what. The same would be the case if the problem was in the controller/LCD. It would never be OK to continue using a Vigil after an error code has appeared. This is part of the design of the unit. A Vigil has no scheduled maintenance required, but this does not mean that in the 20 year life of the unit, you will never need to send the unit in.
By sending you out a replacement, instead of making you make the minimum two weeks for your service, we were also attempting to help ease any inconvenience related to your planned trip.
It has now come to my attention that you have left two nasty voice mails on our office answering machine, bashed our company's customer service on a public forum and misstated what was reported to you on several different occasions.
Customer service is important to us, and we make every attempt to satisfy our customers. Since you have been a Vigil customer for less than two years, we will now offer you another option- a complete refund of your original purchase price. If you send us a copy of your receipt ( from your purchase at Square One) we will completely refund your money. If you prefer this option, we can either stop the delivery of the new Vigil in route or you can simply refuse/return it. We would also need to receive your original Vigil back or at least a tracking number.
This is a sincere offer. Just let us know if you would prefer this option.

Best Regards,

Candace Procos
Vigil USA, LLC

Vladi I will gladly post all the emails prior to this one which you just sent me today, a week and a few days after the initial contacts and emails. Do you want me to do so?

Jenny just replied today and stated yes she did say it could be here in one to two days and that she was in the wrong and appologized, as i did on the phone for being heated when it malfunctioned and allow me to do so again here now. my appologies.

Also I sent you a tracking number prior to you sending a new unit. lets not make things up. Good customer service doesnt include insulting your customers on the forums as you state I did to Vigil

I have done nothing but support the product and use the poll to see how others felt the situation should be handled, fair enough imo. Vigil has obviously gone above and beyond that by handling it well and replcing the unit as I am leaving in the later part of the month for a trip

When I state good but bad customer service it is because of your response now and the confusion prior which I can gladly share here if you would like from all the emails. Again state where I bad mouthed vigil or did they just bad mouth me and I responded not by insulting but explaining myself

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U figure a large company Vigil would know that. Never did I share any of their personal info on here.

But hey now at least they have to stand by their offer of a full refund!:)

told you so! :P
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