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It's a specifically made military AAD and as such, I'd say it'd be impossible to get parts for it unless your a Gov't entity. I've never seen one on a civilian rig and personally, I wouldn't recommend it as the AR2 are notorious for having problems either by design or due to user error in setting them correctly. I preferred the FF2 over the AR2 personally and was glad to see the AR2 get phased out. I would also guess that it isn't approved for civilian use since it was designed strictly for the military and I'd bet money they(LJ) would tell you the same.

The AR2 was the replacement for the FF2 but at one point we had so many problems with them that we were told to go back to using the FF2. The AR2 was one of those items that started off as a good idea and by the end of it all(years later) had so many peoples hands in the design/development pot that it wasn't funny. One of the main reasons the military is now using the military Cypres is due to the problems the AR2 had from it's inception. If you don't know the history of the unit you have or are looking at I'd recommend you steer clear of it, especially if you don't know how to set it correctly.
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To the Person who will concern,

I absolutely agree with Mr. Lou Diamond answer. The AR-2 (WAR-2 if it is Waterproof) is, by no means, a reliable, and safe device for jump device.

Operation margins ar well above factory presets, and requires an expert handling, and supervision. Any wrong input can result in activation after 3 seconds from aircraft exit, or reserve activation within main opening sequence, resulting in a dangerous situation to deal with.

I strongly recommend to use any of the proven AAD on the market today. As a Rigger it is not correct to "sell" any of them. It is your choice. If You continue to prefer mechanical over electronic, may expand your requests to the Irvin FF-2 Hitefinder, the Irvin FF-2S if You only need to release a main, or a drogue, FXC-12000, KAP-3P, or PPK-U devices (More then 30 models Sold in Russian Federation).

All of them will give You "Peace of Mind" if are well operated, and serviced.

Hoping to have expanded your horizon
Juan Fraile-Nuez
Military Parachute Rigger (ret.)
Spain, Europe

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Thank you LouDiamond, for the valuable information and the benefit of your experience. It is exactly the kind of info I was looking for. I will not jump this AAD. The reason I was asking about it, is that it comes with an MC4 I want to purchase. So, I will have to find out if a civilian AAD can be fitted to the rig, Cypres perhaps.

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