Pulse Canopies.. Any thoughts?

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We got Skimmer's Pulse 135 last week and she jumped it this weekend. She's super excited. all the opening are smooth and positive, but without any yank or off heading. She thinks it's flying and flaring very much like her Sabre2 - 135. My impression was it seemed a little more docile than the old canopy and it carried less speed into the landing (lines up with the flatter line trim as noted). But, then, I won't be jumping it. She's extremely pleased. I'll post pics once I download my card from the weekend.

I don't think Dacron (even if they would offer) is necessary at all since key to the the opening characteristics are a steady and smooth sequence. The extra stretchiness wouldn't necessarily help with consistency, IMHO (that's a guess). But, seriously, PD would know best as always - they speak to the design intent, tempered by their experience in the product testing.

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I was considering a new canopy for my wingsuit rig. I asked my PD rep about the Pulse and he said it would have all the traits that I personally was looking for. Flat glide, positive but not hard opening, reliable on heading opening and good flare. When I asked about wingloading, he said the flare power will start to decrease once you start loading it over 1.4:1 requiring a little more running/sliding at the end of the landing. Almost everyone I know that has the Pulse loads it´s at less than 1.4 and loves the canopy, and the flare it has.

Anybody using a Pulse loading it over 1.4:1? I just need some reviews about it flare power in these conditions...

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