Selling my rig and I don't know what to ask for it

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Hi All

Well I'm selling my rig but I don't know how much to ask so I thought I would get a idea from all of you

Javelin Odyssey Manufacture date 6-07 all stainless rsl and sky hook

Icarus reserve size 169 Manufacture date 4-07

Main Sabre 2 150 about 600 jumps new lines 90 jumps ago

Cypress 2 Manufacture date 6-07

Thanks for all your help

Eric Blair
-------------------------------------------------- If your not jumping your not living

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I am no expert but will have a go based on what I paid from my rig last year but really your best best is to look what others are selling similar gear for in the classifieds. These are all pretty common components so it shouldn't be too hard to find a buyer.

Container - 1200 to 1600
Main - 1100 to 1300
Reserve - 800 to 900.
Cypress about 950 (this can be priced via the cypress website).
total value - 4000 to 5000.

I'll give you $3000 for the lot. ;)

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