Post what yer drinkin'...continuous thread

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milk cuz it does a body good :S:D

no really, I gotta go to work in a few hours... so my real drinking wont start till the sun is comin up... like the other morning B|B| cuz today is my friday! B|B|
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I'm drinking moosehead beer...mmmmm:)
"about 20mins. away from a 12 pack of Dominion Lager....a small microbrew outta ashburn Va......nectar of the gods "

hmm dominion lager eh?......dominion ale has been brewed in newfoundland for prob 50 years now...my beer of choice when I visit home...its a aquiried taste and has a laxitive built in;)...The Old Smoothie With the Hardy Flavor..sais a old ad campaign...on that note....another ad campaign had the crafty mainlander trying to pose as a newfie so to sample the brew...To Good for Mainlanders, Just Right for Newfoundlanders.....poor mainlander never succeeded.

does this micro brewery have any ties to Newfoundland...or is it just a cowinkydink?

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