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The PD 421 is an older design that for the most part works but was replaced by most DZ's with more modern and better performing designs. The issue on the 421's is that they will not really fit into the Sigma's that well if at all. This would mean you are looking at needing an older Vector2 to put it into. Most new Sigma's are set up with a 360 reserve and either a 340 or 370 main canopy or even smaller at some DZ's.

Before you look to buy a tandem rig I would get your tandem rating and do a few dozen tandems. There is a decent amount of people that get their rating and quickly decide that tandems are not for them. Also a lot of DZ's will not pay instructors for the usage of their personal rigs when the DZ has tandem rigs. Typical cost on each tandem jump is $8-10 in terms of money needing to be put back to replace or maintain the gear. If this is the case its a lot of wear and tear on equipment that you will not be paid for so unless you are looking at opening a DZ I'd see what the DZ policy is.
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He would need to buy a standard SIGMA that can hold the 395/425.

But that canopy has been out of use for a reason. It is not worth the money for a work rig.

If one is going to start doing Tandems on their own with their own rig, make the big initial investment and go all SIGMA. With the new line set on the SIGMA II mains, he can look at a solid return on the investment if he is wiling to work, or lease the rig out.

Of course he will need a few more jumps and a course too, but that is another thread.

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IIRC the PD 421 was made of F-111 fabric and was introduced during the late 1980s.
Only plan on getting 600 jumps out of an F-111 main, even fewer if you carry heavy students.
I made a few jumps on PD 421s - back in 1992 - but was glad when PD introduced their EZ384, made of ZP fabric.
Any of the tandem mains made of ZP fabric will be easier on your body and will last more than a thousand jumps.

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