Most Miles driven in 1 day?

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When we drove thru Salt Lake city on our way to Hollister,Ca. the city was tore up getting ready for the Olympics and then the radiator blew when we stoppped for gas and directions on how to get out of town. then Godzilla showed up and started wrecking every thing and we were lucky to get out of there with our lives. I'm never going back thru salt lake city?.

and a few folks who have posted to this question should check there math because they would have to be driving faster than 100+ miles an hour for quite some time to cover the distances they claim?.

and we drove bruces escort from florida to ohio in less than 4 hours in the back of our Casa does that count?, we stayed in the car for the whole trip and never had to stop for gas LOL.

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Miami to Killington Vermont. I believe that was just over 1550 miles. Actually I don't remember right now but Putnam, NY to Dallas may have been farther.
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