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some of you have ever bought from matter clothing ???

Some time ago I bought a suit .
9 weeks have passed since then , I can not talk to anyone.
nobody answers email .
answering the phone only.
but this is a serious company?

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I'm sorry to say that I gad the exact same problem with Matter.. I ordered a suit in early May, estimated delivery time 6 weeks. After a while Matter stopped answering my emails. This was around estimated delivery time and as weeks went by my suit didn't show up..

I tried calling, emailing ad mass, but it took a long time before they finally answered that the colours I ordered wasn't in stock. they would however provide me with a new suit free of charge, which would be produced and shipped within a week. This never happended, so now I was 2 suits short somewhat..

After about 4 1/2 months the first suit showed up. Everything ok, except the huuuuge delay. I insisted on the 2nd suit as to make up for the time waiting, and this finally showed up this week.

Two times Matter sent me the wrong tracking-number, as a statement of shipment. This wasn't hard to prove wrong however, as it didn't correspond with my emails and info given.

All in all I got 2 suits, but I would much prefered that the actually delivered the suit I ordered and PAYED for in early May.

I would not order from them again, mostly because of the shitty customer service and lack of transparancy and honesty towards me as a customer..


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I had exactly the same experience when i bought my suit 2 years ago, they answered my first email and ignored the rest. but I got the suit after like 10-12 weeks.

I since bought a suit from sonic, way better in all ways, especially customer service..

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