buying first canopy used... help please!

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Hi all,

So I finished up AFF and working through my A. The folks at my DZ suggested I buy a 190 which is a little agressive, but I'm taking my time buying pieces to build my first complete rig. It's well stated to have my local rigger inspect, but before I pursue a used rig, what questions should I ask the seller to get a better idea of what I'm buying? Are there compatability issues with different canopy mfr's and containers?

I'd be looking for something 2003 or newer with less than 600 jumps.

Thanks all!

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i recently bought a used canopy, i tried to get as much info as possible.

date of manufacture, serial #, how may jumps on the current lineset, if the seller was the 1st, 2nd, 3rd ect. owner, any repairs or patches, where the canopy has been jumped, any water ladings.
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