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Not bad at all. Hurrah for Raquel ! But why she is unpacking an already packed parachute ?>:(
However, what she does is OK, she even uses a connector link anchor. I would have been a volunteer to keep line tension for her. ;) Just the flaking is a bit so so according the video. I did that too...years ago. Check the picture in attachment.
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Why does she have a pair of pilot chutes at 0:59, but only one at 2:23?

Actually, she didn't

1 x pilot chute
1x sleeve

She does have 2 pilot chutes in her right hand and the sleeve in her left. Back in the day it was common to jump with 2 pilot chutes on a main.

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That's actually quite a good depiction of packing a round for something that came out of Hollywood.

Now that brings back memories. I'd almost forgotten the part where you walk ON the canopy and then hop-scotch back to the risers to do the line check.

I was never taught that part. It does look sooo much better when she does it.


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n the event this wasn't an instructional film you posted a link to , I'm just going to throw this out to the crowd again because of curiosity, does any one have any material about how a round(main in my interest) is packed for us low timers?

What kind of round main are you looking for information on? I would suggest that you talk to Peter when he is at PST about round if you are interested or you can talk to me next season since I am moving in the area and will be jumping rounds out there quite a bit. Another person out there with tons of round knowledge is Rudy. He would be a good person to talk to for the hands on experience.

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In the event this wasn't an instructional film you posted a link to :P, I'm just going to throw this out to the crowd again because of curiosity, does any one have any material about how a round(main in my interest) is packed for us low timers?[/reply

For a cheapo.. or flat round main......in an old style 3 pin container..

Attach the top of the canopy to a stake...
Find someone to sling the harness around their hips and "apply tension"

Be sure the sleeve is slid completely off the top of the canopy, so that it is between the crown lines and the stake.
Perform a "four Line check".. by seperating the line group from the right riser and the left riser, walking up to the bottom skirt of the canopy, reaching Under the two Gores between the line groups and dropping the suspension lines..
The 4 lines remaining, which are connected to those two gores,,, SHOULD be the Inside Top and inside Bottom, from one side, and the inside top and inside bottom from the other side...
Walk those 4 lines back to the harness, checking to be sure that there are NO cross overs, and no other lines involved...If there ARE...that indicates an inversion or a step through... You have to stop, and clear that issue, before continuing..

Hold onto the bottom, inside line from one side, pulling it out from Under and out to the side, and drop the rest..
Begin to "flake" the canopy, By taking one suspension line at a time, in the order that they are attached to the canopy, and "toss" the fabric over the top, soas to align ALL the suspension lines in one hand , while the other hand does the flaking. See the posted video Of Raquel !!! as she does it Perfectly!!!:P...
Once all the lines are accounted for, Pick up the top one and look inside,,, and down the "channel" formed by all the seams which enclose the lines... There should NOT be any fabric poking up and into that area..If there is fabric showing,, you have to reach in and clear it.
Then sweep and lay the flaked canopy onto the packing mat.
At this point , a "line divider" ( a packing aid , which seperates the two sets of lines, while still keeping things in order..) is handy.
Lay open half of the canopy material, to form a "christmas tree" arrangement, checking carefully to be sure that EACH of the hems, especially where there are modifications, is in order, and properly oriented.
Then fold each half inward, overlapping the hems and press flat.
Going to the top, then draw the sleeve, down over the canopy, making sure that the sleeve itself, is not twisted, in any way...
Stretch the bottom Tail of the sleeve downward over the cluster of suspension lines, and grab the part of the tail with the Locking grommets, along with a handful of suspension lines, and fold ALL of it Upwards til the first pair of Locking rubber bands align with the grommets... Put the rubber through the grommet and stow the line in it.
Stow the lines into the rest of the rubber bands, and then continue stowing, back and forth, til all the lines are done..
make sensible sized bights, not too small, not too large.. then close the "linestow cover", either by it's velcro, or by it's zipper.
Open the container as it lays flat on the floor, as though it was ON the jumpers back, and the jumper was face down.
Grab the connector links of the risers, AND the bottom of the sleeve and draw all of that into the bottom part of the container..
Be sure that Just the right amount of riser sticks out, at the top of the container, so that it is tidy as it comes over the shoulder and to the connecting point of the harness.
Now S-Fold the sleeve with the canopy inside it, back and forth into t he container keeping the folds, roughly the same size as the container is Long....
Stow any retainer line into the top of the sleeve and take the spring loaded Pilot Chute in hand.
Place the base of the Pilot Chute onto the folded sleeve and compress the spring, straight down.
Pull one side of the container over the other.. so that the Cones and grommets overlap, and Pin the center Cone with the Bottom Pin from the ripcord cable which had been inserted through the ripcord housing...
Tidy up the fabric from the P C and IF the gear has TWO PCs, compress and place the second one, Under the container flaps.
Draw the container closed,
mate up the top most cone and grommet and pin with the Top pin,, Then remove the bottom pin from the center cone, and pin That set up with the center pin. Lastly close the bottem cone grommet set up and pin THAT with the bottom pin...Close the "pin protector flap"
Hook Up the bungees
taking care NOT to create a total,,, by attaching the hook to the "field packing eyelets"...
Dress off the container so its' corners are neat.
Be s ure the Ripcord handle is properly stowed in its pocket...
Go to manifest and GET On A LOAD!!!!!!

disclaimer.. the above details a method for Old gear... IF the round is a PC... most of the same applies, except that apex Lines and steering lines need to be dealt with during the flaking process, as they come along in the procedure..Due diligence is needed to assure that the 5 stabilizer panels on each side, are in order, and untwisted...
If the canopy is in a bag, or in a P.O.D. then the canopy is S Folded, and placed into that deployment device.. and THEN the lines are s towed.
IF a different container system is used.. then the closing method will vary accordingly depending on the type of flaps, loops and pins involved..

WOW I couldda PACKED 2 or 3 cheapos,,, :S:o in the time it took to describe it...
BUT this has been a nice trip down memory lane!!! B|:)jmy
A 3914
POPS 3935
nscr 1817

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