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How much can be written off? I've got a 1099 for about $4400 in '03 and didn't spend much on gear or equipment.

In the past I've written off rigs, misc. gear and mileage (mileage just for when I was working). Always been able to write enough off to stay below schedule SE filing but won't get there without gear, etc. and need to get income as low as possible.



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You can write off everything, the question is what can you get away with.

It all depends on what you do. Video, Tandem, AFF, What?

Some jumps can be written off, all if you want to take chance. Pack Jobs. My feeling is if you can justify it as an expense, write it off.

If you end up not making any income, good luck with the IRS considering it a job and not a hobby. I've heard of that happening.

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