Vortex II -> pricing and places to buy?

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Hey hey,

Can anyone tell me the round about figure on a new Vortex II set up with a 120/120 in a 120EVS container

Is it best to order off the website, or go through a dealer?

I live in BC Canada so I'll be needing it shipped, I can have it shiped to the USA and pick it up there if shipping costs less..

I've been keeping an eye on the Classifieds and I can't seem to find one used rig (any make) that fits a 6'1" 175LBS person with a 120 main and 120 reserve in a 120 cut Container!


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Louis Tomasso,

Awesome service, nice guy. Dealt with him regularly when I owned a vortex II.

He's out of the NY area and I've PM'ed the last # I had for him.

Edit: I jumped Parachute Systems gear for a long time, and Louis really made owning one a pleasure. He goes to great lengths to keep his customers happy, and shield them from having to deal with Parachute Systems directly.

Performance Designs Factory Team

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Rob, I've read some of your old posts about the Vortex2, takes a half dozen to master the repack ;) haha!

Anyways, on a 120 EVS system.. With a 120 hurricane would a 120 Tempo reserve fit or have the same pack volume as the parachute systems 120 decelerator reserve?

(this is what fits in the 120-EVS)
120 EVS


Hurricane 95
Hurricane 105
Hurricane 120
ZP.EXE 115

325 cu.in320 cu.in.

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You'll find the Tempo reserves pack slightly smaller than the decells... I have a Vortex II 135 EVS, in which I have a tempo 150...just! The evs tray in itself is quite tight, but takes a Hurricane 120 nicely... ( my evs 135 takes a 135 zp tightly, but I have the 150 reserve) I have jumped a 120 EVS system & it was very comfortable (120/120)


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