whats your favorite techno songs/artists

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"For an Angel" always stonks.
Anything from Leftwing's Leftism album, Release the Pressure, and Open Up spring to mind.
FAtboy slim's Right Here Right Now works.

And way too many to remember.....B|

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that you would use for a skydiving movie?

First three that came to mind.

Chemical Brothers - always good
The Crystal Method - blasting music decent skydiving material
Lords of Acid - have some songs that would fit to skydiving

Ministry - has some badass tunes you might want to look into also. Not techno for sure, but they've got some killer bass and trax to background skydiving

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Leftwing's Leftism

Bwahhhhh! sorry it's Leftfield not Leftism :P

there's a great remix of a nina simone classic "feeling good" i'd like to put on a skydving vid

but for all the music i want to hear while watching vids i guess i'll have to shoot a lot of videos
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