AFF - graduate - woohoo! ;)

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just droppin' a line... graduated AFF today! passed 7 for 7 at Quantum Leap in sullivan, mo...
and what a beautiful day for it, too! just enough chill in the air to keep you awake... :P

beer has been bought! B|

it's funny, right before my very first jump, i can remember looking at the papers describing the AFF levels and thinking, "whoa, there's no way i'm gonna start doing that stuff..."




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Congratulations! I'm jealous :P

It's gonna be a looooonng way until I graduate. I'm going to Elsinore for my AFF level 2 retake tomorrow.

I did some tunnel training a couple of weeks back, and performed real well. Now if I can only grow some balls and focus instead of freaking out at jump time, I should be able to pass.

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good job, and welcome to the world!

just a little suggestion to keep the greenies happy, give THIS ONE a read, and maybe next time post things like this to talkbalk.

You'll get even more congrats, and no one has to see the red hot fork in action.
witty subliminal message
Guard your honor, let your reputation fall where it will, and outlast the bastards.

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Major congrats. Your next jump (solo) will be 1000 times better than anything you have experienced so far. Just did jumps 9, 10 & 11 yesterday (AFF is 8 levels here in SoCal), my first solos ever. Blew my mind away, especially with the gorgeous 70° weather and the snow capped mountains in the back ground...
See ya'up there.

Blue skies

"For once you have tasted Absinthe you will walk the earth with your eyes turned towards the gutter, for there you have been and there you will long to return."

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