Best Vector for 135/126R

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I'm trying to determine what would be the best fitting Vector container to put a Sabre² 135 main (brand new :D) and a PD126R.

How does it fit in Micron V308 ? Perfect, tight ? Is there a more adapted container for this sizes ?


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Depends on your packing skills, some find it easy, some very hard.

It helps me so much, thank you. Oh, wait...


Another factor to consider is your body size. I am a bog guy, and went with an M-Series. A Micron sized for the same canopies would have put the main deployment handle much higher on my back and harder to reach.

What you mean "bog" ? Big ? I can't rely google translation of bog with people. English is not my mother tongue, by the way.


Why not give the manufacturer a call and ask them? Bet they know more about Vectors than anybody else...

I won't call, would cost a lot from Europe. Which email address should I use ? Customer service (Rosi Sigmon), or Sales (Mark Klingelhoefer) ?

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John meant he was a big guy. If you are taller the Microns will sit very high on your back and it is an uncomfortable reach to get to the hackey. If you are taller then average then you may want to looks at an M series unless you like reaching half way up your back to pull every time
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Try Mark in sales.

He posts as Klingme (or something like that) on here and his posts are usually pretty informative.

If you wait a bit, he just might comment in this thread.
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Sorry it took me so long to reply. Things have been a little busy.

To the OP, how tall are you? The 308 is 16" tall (from BOC to Yoke) and the 328 is 17.75" tall. Most people go with the 308, but some people (generally taller people) prefer to have the taller container.

If you would like to, you could email me at [email protected].

I try to keep up with posts here on DZ.com but when things get busy, following threads is generally one of the first things I neglect.

Mark Klingelhoefer

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The 308 is perfect to that configurasjon...And you can put a 150 in it with a littel practis...308 with 126\135 is perfect...

This is from a rigger in forum on dz.com

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Oct 27, 2009, 9:54 PM

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All this debate about buying new or used got me looking over the past year or so for what i think is the PERFECT time to purchase a new container when looking at it from a financial side with value for money.

I think it is a the Micron-V308.

Here is why....

It takes an Optimum 143. or a PD 113 for those who want a smaller reserve.

It then takes a Safire 2 139 main canopy.

You can then downsize to a 129, 119 and then a 109 safire 2.

At any stage you could then go to a more HP canopy from a Crossfire 2 139 all the way back down to a crossfire 2 109.

Then you probably have a couple of thousand jumps on this, or even many years of jumps on this and then once you are over jumping a crossfire 109, you can then switch to a super HP EXtremeVV 104 and later downsize that to a EXTreme VX 99.

All the time while having a Optimum reserve 143 in the container. Of course you could also take the reserve down to a smart 110.

After selling a stack of rigs over the years I like to try and help customers with the most financially vaiable rig to purchase, and I am not affraid to turn a sale away for them to buy a second hand rig. There are a few people in these forums I have done my best to talk them out of buying new. But if a customer came to me looking for a second hand rig for a 139, I think i would have to suggest buying whatever they want second hand but buying this container the V308 custom made to fit them is a damn good vaiable container to purchase.

Starting at a 139, all the way down to a EXTreme 99. I seriously dont think 99% of people would ever need to buy another continaer again as this helps them on the 139 at that 500 jump level and sees them for the rest of their days in skydiving with a single container that is made to fit them.

Most people who buy gear dont give two shits about the size of container, they all want it to fit the canopy they have now and at least take one size smaller and it would be a bonus if it took two sizes smaller.

I know they are only incriments of 10ft, but a 10ft difference is much bigger difference than a 20ft difference fro a 210-190.

Just thought I would share this as I find it interesting.

For those tiny ladies or small blokes, that start straight off on a 149, they could hire a rig for that time while they had a V-308 made for them and then go down to the 139 and they would never need a rig again.

For those that say nobody should start on a 150, well fact is MANY people do under their instructors careful thoughts and the instructors that i know have suggested this, also backed it up with tons of coaching and helping on every landing. Those customers were around the 56-60kg mark.

blue sky

Geir Meyer

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Get a V308 it'll fit perfectly. I Have a V308 and actually had a 150 in there (brand new too!) although it was a pulse.

Also I have an optimum 143 reserve so a 135 main would be perfect with your 126R.....Just think...I had a 150 and 143 in a V308 a bitch to pack, but I'm sure you're sabre2 135 would be great

Post some pics onto the Post your Vector forum when you receive it :) Make it look awesome! ;)

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I have a V308 with a 139 Safire2 and a 120 Smart. Fits really well. Main is tight, but not so much that it's hard to pack.

Those are listed under the same categories (full fit for the main, standard for the reserves) as your canopies, so I imagine you should be fine.

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Had a search and this seemed the most relevant thread

Ive just ordered my v308. My main is going to be a sabre 2 135. I was happy with a PD126R but if i can go bigger i will. Have people got a 135 with the OP143 or speed 135? If so how was it to pack?

I did notice someone had gone for the pulse 150 and a op143. I take it thats because the pulse is a hybrid and has the pack volume of a 135?


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Almost exactly 2 yrs later haha

Simple answer is yes a OP 143 will fit along with your 135. BUT your more complex answer now comes down to it depends what you're willing to deal with and your patience and skill

Is your Sabre2 135 brand spanking new canopy or is it a few years old with a couple hundred jumps on it?

How are your packing skills at the moment?

What kind of weather does your DZ usually have....more on the humid or dry side?

How long has your rigger been packing reserves for and how patient is he/does he like you? Couple of things ya might want to consider ;)

Naturally if your Sabre2 has a few hundred jumps on it and your packing skills are good and you are usually in more humid conditions it should be no problem.

Theoretically my pulse did have the pack volume of a 135, but my God it was a damn brick paired with the OP 143 in a V308. I had to pay packers every time until I downsized because I could never pack it myself :S

Although on UPT's sizing chart it will fit they state that "Caution, if you put a full fitting reserve and full fitting main in the same container this may be very hard to pack if bulk distribution is not correct". After having both full fitting canopies in that container I'd reccommend NOT putting BOTH full fitting canopies in a container, but nonetheless it will fit. :)
Hope this helps and enjoy your new toys!

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