baggage charges suck !

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Great stuff cheap flights or thats what I thought.I booked a flight to spain from england and have just found out that there is a additional charge of £30 for my "sports equipment".I know easy jet dont charge,do other airlines??These charges should be taken into account when booking "cheep flights" I mean thats two lobs they have stung me for >:(.Anyway I will be in Empuria for the skills camp, moan over I carnt wait.B|

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I suspect that the additional charge for sports equipment is aimed at people who bring extra or extra large bags full of sporting equipment (i.e. long skis).
You should be able to stuff all your skydiving gear in a regular suitcase to avoid their silly extra charges.

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well, I always did, and always will.
maybe you look like a terrorist...
travelled to/from
Switzerland GVA and ZRH
Spain BCN
Czech Republic PRG
Russia LED
Germany FRA

with my rig as carry on, in a small bag or directly on my back !!! without any problems...

friends also travel to/from england without problem...

MOREOVER, why is it registered as sport equipment... Is Skydiving a sport ??? :P:P:P
scissors beat paper, paper beat rock, rock beat wingsuit - KarlM

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Ryan air are the culprits!!!

C'mon pluheese!

Ryan air has THE lowest fares in Europe. If they feel the need to offset the discounts by charging a little extra to individuals who require extra service that's ok. They probably figure (corectly I might add) that they need to place a surcharge on packages which fall into a high value, damage, and theft catagory to offset loss claims.

Why did you feel the need to tell them what was in your luggage? They don't care, they just want to protect the bottom line. Just put it in a non descript suitcase and go.
You're not as good as you think you are. Seriously.

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