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Currently I trying to setup a company to sell customized gearbags. But first of all I want to find out if other skydivers are interested in it.

The concept is to sell gearbag with a personal logo on it. The logo will be waved in it, and the price for each gearbag will be around 50 $ inc. shipping and personal logo and name.
I think for teams it will be great!

(see attc.)

What are your opinions???? Give it a try??


(or meaby a reseller???)

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The logo will be waved in it,

What does that mean?

They look nice.

I agree that they look nice in those pics. I also wonder what "waved in" means.

My big question, thought, is how well are they made?

What material? What weight thread? How many rows of stitching?

The pics of the new bags look nice, but how will they hold up? Skydivers put a lot of stress on gear.
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Glad everyone is happy about the samples, it took me a lot of time and money to get some good samples!!!

With waving i mean stitched by hand / machine. All the bags are finished by hand.

until today i did nos sell any, but some "Teams" are intrested in the product.

Let me know if someone is will to be a resellers or a partner, because i have to get a minimum qty.

I am very happy with the positive reactions!!! THANKS

Just now i got a other sample!

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Guys, sound good!!!

A lot of people have showed interest in the bags.

From here i can ship it all over the world.. thats no problem.

For my first order i need at least 20 pcs... Now i am looking for a web-designer who can make a good site for me..

Thanks Guys!

Mean wile you can PM me for order/samples!!

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