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Not sure if it is the same for the Pro-Track, but I have an L&B Alti-Track, and the original usb-serial cable that came with it did not have support for 64 bits Windows 7.

After emailing L&B, they send me a newer cable for free that is supported.

Even if it is different for the Pro-Track, send (or call) L&B an email. Their support is stellar!

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I just recently purchased a pro-track, along with it the usb-to serial cable. I installed the drivers to it and my computer still doesn't recognize the cable. I'm using windows 7 for it, does anyone have a fix to this.



I have a pro-track and run Windows 7. I used the serial cable that was supplied with the jump-track software from L&B, plus a serial to USB converter from TRENDnet, part number TU-S9. That combination works fine.
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