Anybody live in Chula Vista?

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Are you going to college around here? The are between UCSD/La Jolla and Camp Pendleton is pretty nice. It gets worse and worse as you get closer to the border.
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Ummm, there's a great dropzone about 5 minutes up Otay Lakes Rd... Skydive San Diego.

Jen Brennan, one of their AFF instructors, owns a nice ceramics shop in a shopping center near there... that's probably the neatest thing to do in Chula Vista. Hint hint

Mmmmm, Chula Vista is as suburbian as San Diego can get, but it is closer to the border. The closer to the border you are, the rougher it can get, though the newer parts of the neighborhood seem nice enough. Might I suggest you venture north towards downtown, at least.

Or come to PB - the Tavern at the Beach (Garnet Ave) loves skydivers. Eric, the owner, and several of his staff jump at SSD. Of course, La Jolla is cool, and there's plenty to do there.

Cheers -


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Chula-Juana we call it down here. Chula vista and tijuana put together. . .for good reason. The area near the dropzone is relatively new. other than that, stay north

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