Moyes handglider

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i am trying to track down a reserve packing manual for a MOYES hand glider.it has a 26 LOPO round reserve in it.
i found the moyes website but i find the manual a bit unclear as to the packing instructions.so does any have a manual with a couple of pics,or can anyone can point me in the right direction,it be very much appreciated.

cherrio and blue skies


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G'day Roger,
might remember the dodgie aussie packers that passed through a few years ago Mat n Anita. Any how mate have been flying and packing hangies for over 12 yrs now. Parachutes australia still make the 26 lopo. Most roundies are packed the same and it is not as critical to have front and rear orientation of the canopy as there is generally only 1 riser. The main thing is closing sequence and routing of the bridle(check with harness manufacturer). The hang gliding federation of Australia also has info. Good luck and you can contact me at freeflymat@yahoo.com
Blue skies
p.s the australian parachute federation no longer covers riggers or packers for packing anything outside the A.P.F. Which basically means no cover if shit were to hit the fan. Something you might want to bear in mind regarding cover and insurance.
weather holds make me hungry!

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