who want's a GMail account.... NOW

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please explain why there seems to be a big deal about it

the big deal is that they have a good marketing group who realized if you gave a handful of e-mail accounts out to a few along with some invites to create more accounts, that eventually the hype over being one of the "first" would create the "need" to have one.

1gig storage BFD. I have 10 gigs of storage for my e-mail
10 mb attachment BFD and bad netiquette since most people can't handle anything larger than 2 mb anyways.
Free, whoopdedoo, add it to the list of freebies. Now instead of 8 free e-mail acocunts, I have 9.

and yes, I have one just so no one else in the world can have [email protected]:P
I promise not to TP Davis under canopy.. I promise not to TP Davis under canopy.. eat sushi, get smoochieTTK#1

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what is so specail about GMAIL?

For anyone who is interested, here is a link to their "getting started" guide. This explains the main differences in gmail:

Personally, I just wanted an account to check it out. I'm pretty happy with my Yahoo Mail Plus account (especially now that Google has given them some real competition - their services have improved remarkably), and I'll probably continue to use Yahoo for my primary mail account even though it's fun to check out gmail's new ideas.

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