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I just wanted to say Thank you to everyone who has purchased from the KKrew in the past few months, and also would like to really apologize for the slowness in the service you may have received. This year when we opened a store in Australia, things got crazy. We were not selling in Australia prior to this store and now things have taken off to a whole new level where the business is no longer a one man operation. I am in the middle of trying to find someone that I can trust to provide the service I want my customers to receive while I focus on the management factors of running the company.

Too many of my customers recently have been experiencing a couple of late deliveries or slip ups on my behalf and I want you guys to know that this is not going unnoticed by me and it is not a standard that I accept. With the company experiencing a rapid growth more or less overnight, something we were aiming to achieve in a 3 year period, really caught me off guard. I am int he middle of trying to find the right person to really help out in the company with customer service and also trying to get new structure into the way we do things.
Thank you to those who have bared with us and not voiced any complaints and have been understanding. We really try to do our best and it is a learning curve for myself in running a business.

Since we introduced the demo rigs, things just exploded. We currently have 15 demo rigs out amongst customers and we have another 5 that just arrived yesterday that will be heading out to those who were expecting them in April. We have taken 6 months worth of container sales in a single month and because of this sudden increase in sales I was caught off guard and thought I should probably make a public announcement thanking you for your patience.

Once we get back from the Gear Expo later this month we will have our customer service back on the par that I have always tried to maintain.

Thanks to all the other distributors such as Gravity Gear, Chutingstar and Downward Trend who have helped us get to where we are and helped us when we have hit hard spots.

.Karnage Krew Gear Store

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Up until when you wake up and have to go to work.

So you don't lie on the sofa, in your undies, checking your emails on your i phone anymore?
"When the power of love overcomes the love of power, then the world will see peace." - 'Jimi' Hendrix

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