Z1 used in the Olympics

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In helmet design padding thickness is critical. When you get so excited over a material that you dispute this it fosters ignorance. For an equivalent thickness it may be better than other options, I've said as much, but it's totally unproven, I've also said it's an improvement on Cookie's cloth pads, it may not be as good as the best foam option in a helmet.

That data sheet does not describe a CE certification for the material. Read it again.

"3DO makes a range of parts certified to EN1621-1"

Perhaps you weren't aware, EN1621-1 is a motorcycle protective clothing standard, and I specifically mentioned several times that the only place I'd found 3DO CE certified is in specific garments. It is irrelevant w.r.t. helmets for all the reasons I've already described.

So you've actually confirmed everything I said.

The most intriguing part of that sheet is the graph of impact force vs. thickness it's superficially impressive, but testing highly deformable foam without a hard shell would be misleading for helmet liners but that's exactly how you'd want to compare 3DO for best results. The numbers suggest that's what's been done but there's no info beyond the bar chart, it's a marketing graph.

Impressive performance for one impact application (and it IS impressive where deformability & flexibility is needed) does not translate to impressive performance for all applications.

This stuff could make a really impressive flexible frap hat for tandem passengers and other jumpers. For a liner the case has not been made.

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There is not a helmet out there that will be effective with rapid acceleration/deceleration closed head injuries.

Exactly. The brain is like a water-logged sponge. You stop hard enough, that brain is going to slosh around inside the skull. If you're lucky, you won't feel a thing.
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Thanks for the correction Cookie,

The Gas that I did look at appeared to only have 3d0 in the crown, but perhaps I wasn't looking closely enough. Has it always had the coverage it currently does?

Regardless, with the correction you've given, the flip up Gas is back to the top of my list of helmets to consider.

Thanks again and my apologies for the misunderstanding.
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