PD 106 or Raven 109 packs bigger?

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>I am about 160 pounds when I am out. What do you think?

Not sure if that's body weight or exit weight, but based on your profile it sounds like your exit weight is about 170. That means you'll be loading the Raven 109 at around 1.6 to 1. At those loadings I've seen several broken bones; the Ravens do not do well at those loadings. (Note that it is possible to land it without breaking your ankles, but it requires a lot of practice because it does not fly like the canopies you are used to.)

Based on your numbers I'd go with a PD126R. (Expert weight limit 176lbs.) If you're worried about bulk get an Optimum 126.

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Thank you for the answer,
I am about 160 pounds when I am out. What do you think?

It doesn't really matter what packs bigger. If a 109 will fit, so will the 109. (edit... I mean... If the 109 will fit, so will the 106. The 106 packs every so slightly larger)

I've used both canopies. You need all your skill handy when you find yourself under them. The 109 has a very short control range. If you pull down too much especially if you do this too high, the stall will slam you hard.

Swoopers tend to flare too high when flying straight in so the 109 needs a correct touch. That correct touch is very specific.

The 106 flies better and flares stronger with a longer control range. Keep in mind even though this is true, it's overloaded and requires all your skill.

What do I mean by that? If you're landing in a tight landing zone surrounded by ... anything... your skill might be how to minimize the crash. BTW, that's a good skill.

I don't care what you fly, that's up to you. When I was jumping a LOT, I landed both canopies a few times and upsized my reserve.

Good luck!
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