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Sure thing.
I sell rigs to customers and when they are waiting for their rig to be made I will loan them a rig.

Right now I have a spare new Vector 3 with Pilot zpx 188, smart 190, cypres 2, all brand new.
I also have a spare Vector 3, Safire 129, Icarus reserve 129, Cypres 2.

I could put a Vector 3, Pilot zpx 150 and PD 143, cypres 2 together for you if you like.

If you take one of the already built ones, you can use it for free if you jump at my dz, or you can use it for free if you leave passport with me until you return in.

My dropzone is in the Hunter Valley, You can catch our PAC from the bankstown airport to the dropzone sat morning and stay and return on plane sunday evening.
Or if you are going to Picton, you can collect the rig from my house in Sydney and return it when you are finished.

You are responsible for the rig. I dont mind you using it free, but you damage it you pay for repairs at my cost price.

Hope this helps. If you want to travel the country using the rig then we can work out a long term rental if you like.


.Karnage Krew Gear Store

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Hello, I'm a French FreeFlyer and I'm travelling in Australia. I will jump within Sydney Skydiver, but to rent a gear it's quite expensive.

It can't be anywhere near as expensive as traveling from France to Australia.

Why aren't you taking your own rig?

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