Freefly Suit vs. Freefly Pants

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From Davelepka:


Freefly pants are stupid, and I'm going to tell you why.

Only having drag on your lower body is dumb. Unless you plan to only fly on your head, you need some drag on your upper body for flying upright.

So if you really are going to fly only on your head, and you're a big guy who needs the drag of freefly pants, than you could also use the drag the top half of a suit would provide. If you're a smaller guy, with tight freefly pants and no drag up top, just put on a $30 pair of jeans.

The only upside to freefly pants I can see is that if you have a baggy shirt up top and freefly pants on the bottom, you can pull the baggy shirt off to stay cool on the ground. I do the same with my suit by just taking off the top and tying the arms around my waist, but that's just me.

You could make the argument that on a hot day you can wear a T-shirt and freefly pants, but then you're back to drag on the bottom, and none on top. Again, if that's you scene, put on some jeans, and spend the other $170 a nice bag of weed.

i'd add that with a 2 piece the danger is there of your top (t-shirt, sweater, whatever) flying over your handles, been there, done that, scared the %^& out of me. A real 2piece suit will prevent that (ie, the top is usually attached to the pants or tucked in way way far) but just freefly pants and say a t-shirt can be quite dangerous. Also, on some dzs/some countries you're not allowed a 2piece suit until you're more experienced, for that reason. Usually a 2piece suit is more expensive than a 1piece, and a full suit can be worn in a windtunnel too.

Can't really go wrong with a good full suit IMO ;)

Although all this is for freeflying, if you want to do RW (like on your avatar), get a rw suit with booties, better forget the freefly suit for that.

ciel bleu,

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