Any UK Hib jumpers out there?

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I will probably be in the area for the August bank holiday weekend - anyone know if there is going to be anything going on there?

And is anyone willing to befriend and possibly jump with a southerner that doesn't know anyone else there? Purlease? :)

~~~ London Skydivers ~~~

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Well if you fancy doing some 4 way there is always people around.

I am part of a team and i think we have lost a member now, so if the rest of us are there you are welcome to jump with us.

We are no skygods and we arent the kind of people that get upset when things dont go right. Its all about having fun.

There is always plenty of people to jump with, and being a girl you will have you pick of the bunch!

So turn up and dont worry, Hib is a friendly place. Most of the time!

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