Is it time for weekend numbers?

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I think I'm gonna have to start posting my weekDAY numbers, because, seriously, my weekend numbers kinda suck by comparison.

'Cause all your teammates are WORKING on the weekends, dude! ;)


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Somewhere around 50 minutes of tunnel time (5 hours with a group) in Orlando. 1 jump at Deland on Saturday.

Also survived the hurricane on friday. That was fun. Relatively minor damage in the area around the tunnel, but closer to the airport, there was major damage. Got a pic of one of the jetways at orlando international completely destroyed.

Fun weekend!


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All i can say is WFFC Rocked! I had such a friggen wonderful time....

Fri, jumped with Betzilla first thing in the morning! woohoo, fun 2 way!!! Then did 5 Jumps with Roger Ponce and Crew...had a blast.

Sat, woke up really tired, allergies kicking my ass...so i only got 2 regular jumps in in the AM...then finally after 3 years of going to WFFC with the intention to jump the Chopper got to do that near sunset Sat!! (thanks Steve :D)

Stayed up WAAAAYYY to late Sat night/Sun AM...did nuthing but veg on Sun before i drove home :D
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I loved meeting you Kel. Next time stay longer!!

My numbers would be something like...


I didn't keep of track of how many times for the first column, but it was some damn good stuff. Had way fun jumps with all kinds of new friends. Jumped with JJ a few times and his sit is rockin for having 80ish jumps. The double gator jump was a blast!! Deploying with an inflatable is quite interesting, and landing with it between my legs was a riot. Is it next year yet??


I get a Mike hug! I get a Mike hug!

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Took it easy this weekend after going through the AFF Instructor course last week.. 9 tandem vids, I owe beer for my first real AFF, 1 freefly jump and 1 video of a 6-way RW. and.. oh, yeah, my 1,200th was a tandem vid.. I guess I really am a weekend working jumper.. :S

Plaything says I owe 2 cases since my very first AFF student decided to give up skydiving.. He basically checked out after exit and didn't much participate after that.. :P
gotta go... Plaything needs a spanking..

Lotsa Pictures

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B|: 14:1

Went to Aggieland this weekend to hang out. I got several fun freefly jumps with Todd. Got in some RW with Turtlespeed. Aggiedave, Todd, and I did a threeway sunset tracking dive on Saturday:$ well it was supposed to be a threeway anyway, i can't track worth shit.:D Great party Sat. night and a slow start to sunday. Still managed three jumps sunday before heading home. Stopped by SSM on the way home to see what was up and made three more jumps there. Including a 13 way sunset tracking dive that i was in on ;) Great weekend overall. Thanks Aggieland, i ALWAYS enjoy hanging out with you guys, even if Todd won't ever let me spot.;):D

BEER! :D I got in my first CRW dock on saturday afternoon with Aggiedave. Those of you who know me know that i have NEVER wanted to even try this before. I just thought what the hell and we planned out a dive and went for it. I got all excited when reaching to grab the nose of his canopy and ended up loosing the dock so we just played around in the sky till landing time. :)

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