Best deals on a custom Sabre2?

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I dont think you understood what I as saying.

PD have a very STRICT pricing policy. if a dealer is ever caught selling their canopies below MSRP (more than 5% below i think), then that dealer will lose their dealership.

Seeing it is a hard dealership to get and dealerships are peoples livleyhoods, you are not going to find a person telling you in the forums that they will sell to you a PD canopy below the MSRP.

You will also not find any customers telling you that they purchased a PD canopy below the MSRP as they know that will end that dealers income and ruin things for their family.
Selling PD below MSRP is not something I would risk doing and I get asked every single day if i will.

Not all manufacturers have this strict and lethal pricing policy in, but PD do.

Especially now you have made it public that you in particular are looking for the best price possible, you can be sure no PD dealer will sell to you below the MSRP as that will ring alarm bells for that dealer when they place your order.

You are not going to find a PD canopy less than 5% below MSRP. if you do, then that dealer is risking their livleyhood over a single sale so you can save some money. Not sure why a dealer would do that.

.Karnage Krew Gear Store

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