Small competition. Vector 3 design.

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Here is my design:-
Now for the sales pitch...
I've used the 4 KK colours as required (Red, Yellow, Royal Blue and Black)
I've used the uUPT logos but obviously you can use the KK logos if you wish. The colouring for the logos works best if it's Red on Black or Yellow on Blue.
(Perhaps a Yellow Smiley on the left ring instead or a KK logo/website on the sidewalls?)
And I've kept the cutaway handle as Red.

p.s. Please don't penalise me cos I spell the word colour properly!:D;)

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I am about to purchase a few containers and looking for a design that I will use on them all.

I thought it might be a bit of fun for someone here to design a Vector 3 using colours that the KarnageKrew use on the website.

The design i go with will win a new Optima 2 from the L and B products.

Deadline is the 4th November.

If you are interested, lets see your designs for us.

You can use the designer at www.uptvector.com

We will use the winning design on our fleet of demo rigs that we are purchasing next week.

Just thought this might be a interactive fun way to come up with a design.


When do we find out who won? :)

ExPeCt ThE uNeXpEcTeD!
DoNt MiNd ThE tYpOs, Im LaZy On CoRrEcTiOnS!

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What will you do for me if i buy the last one you dared me to do?

What I am looking for here is one design to use on all our demo rigs, thats not to say we wont try and bust a record of MOST colours used on a single container for just one of them.

I'll do nothing at all, a dare is merely a challenge for you to defend your honor and prove yourself; show you've got a pair.

Besides, I thought this is a competition. I should charge you a pull up chord or something for using my multicolor design genius. A lot of thought went into that last design, if you use it, I expect to be rewarded accordingly!

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So you have dared me to use your bizarre design. YOu have explained to me what a dare is.
Now after telling me what a dare is, I now have to pay you a pull up chord to complete the challenge you have laid down?

Damn it, I really anted to use that design on just one rig. I just dont have or dont know where to get any pull up chords from this late in the day.

.Karnage Krew Gear Store

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Lol for some reason i find myself repeatedly coming back to this thread and looking at everyones designs. So many cool ideas. B|

Why not?
My direction in life is up...then down again REALLY REALLY FAST!!!
Never take life too seriously. Nobody gets out alive anyway.
D.S. #55

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