I need a new job (resume attached) - can you help me?

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HIPPA and all medical coding and biling will only grow in the next few years. All Dr offices will have to start using it in the next few years and have to have a trained professional on staff to do so (which will most likely be interegrated with the accounting job in smaller offices).

Chicago's growth trend in the medical/insuance billing field for jobs is beyond the national average. People wlike you with your IT background will fit in well there and it looks like the title they are using these days is "infomedic" for that spot. Good place to be and its an area that would be hard to ship the jobs offshore.
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Is your current AFSC different from (what was called when I was in) Combat Controllers, or was the career field renamed to that?

No....two TOTALLY differen't jobs. The "AFSC" name is 1C4X1 Tactical Air Command and Control Specialist. The "ETAC" is actually a "Special Experience Identifier." The major differences are #1 A CCT guy's "primary" duty is to control "Trash Haulers." 130's, 141's, C-17's, Etc. They set up runways, LZ's, PZ's, DZ's, et al. #2 CCT guys are pussies! :D A TACP (Tactical Air Control Party) ETAC's primary mission is to control Close Air Support assets in support of lord knows what unit he is working with. We worked with every combat arms unit there is. Now....Take two guys that have been doing the job for about 5 years each. Most likely they have both been cross trained in each other's jobs. The CCT has probably been certified as a SOTAC (Don't ask....they had to make up a new name so as not to be associated with the peasants. :D) and the TACP guy has been trained and signed off as a DZSO.(DZ Safety Officer) The only thing that a CCT guy can do that a TACP/ETAC can't is actually LAND an airplane. CCT is in a VERY small minority of people that can do that as ONLY graduates of Air Traffic Control school are "signed off" to conduct landings of fixed wing Air Force aircraft. So.....yet another example of why my resume is 4 pages long. It takes A LOT of explaining for someone to understand what it was exactly that I did. :S Oh....and I got out in December 2000. It was fun but after 10 years of the Air Force it was time to go! One other major difference in the career fields......CCT has the juice and TACP is often the step child because CCT has career officers and we didn't. They got all the money, toys, jobs, and glory for many years. These days......there's enough stuff going that I don't think anyone has to fight over getting missions anymore. [:/]

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I made a similar post a while back and it was removed by the greenies.
Are you related to them at all:P
Oh favouritism... Goes to show, it aint what ya know...
Blue skies and SUN in Glasgow, Scotland. When will it end.. Tonight probably>:(
Oh well, one can only hope

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My field is in insurance and healthcare, so I spent a lot of years racking myself with the complexities of medical billing (seems harder than income tax). But now its paying off. Good luck! :)

Me too.. I had no healthcare experience when I got this job, only computer skillz. There is so much to learn.. its different for different clients in different states, and its always changing.

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You had an M.S. on the last one. What up wit dat?

Good question - I knew someone would ask :)do have MS degree. At the same time I decided to distribute some resumes with M.S. listed and some with only B.S. degree listed. Someone told me one can actually be at disadvantage listing M.S. since in a current TOUGH job market such person may seem to expect very high salary (from employers point of view). Other argument was that one can come as overquaified (maybe even more qualified than the boss/recruiter, and again expect more money, from the employer's point of view). I never thought about it this way, but I decided to distribute some resumes with BS only, and some with BS and MS, since I NEED to get a job like next week...

Is this logic (advice) silly or not :S?

Any job info in Chicago (business/marketing/administration/office, etc)?

Thanks and Blue Skies,


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I use to work in downtown Chicago for 5 years. The below listed links might be of some use to you in your job hunt.

Job Sites and Chicago Job Resources (Note: Not listed in any particular order)

Chicago Jobs
Chicago Tribune
Chicago Jobs
Direct Employers
Chicago Jobs 2
Jobbank USA
Chicago ComputerJobs
Jobs in Chicago
Chicago Employment Guide
Chicago ComputerWork
Illinois Jobs
Chicago Suntimes

Chicago Headhunters/Recruiters I've used:

Richard Honquest
Quest Enterprises

Paul May
Paul May & Associates

Good Luck!

Kentucky Skydiving Center

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