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Here's my problem: when I put my goggles on, they fit perfectly. But once I'm in freefall they tend to go up on my forehead. I think it'is because I'm smiling and my cheeks push the goggles up. And then the wind makes it worse, so sometimes I have to put them back in place, which is a little bit annoying while freefalling...
So what do you think the problem is? What can I do? Buy different goggles? I already tried to tighten the strap, but that doesn't do much good. I can try not to smile, but I don't think that's possible! :)Any ideas?
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Get goggles that fit (FlexZ are popular), and put them on TIGHT, ie you usually can see I've been wearing a goggle for the rest of the day ;) Also your helmet should help keep them in place, if they still float up your really need to tighten them, a LOT.

ciel bleu,

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