the best audible??

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I am a Neptune fan :)
Best to do your own research...

Find some people that have the units you are considering and play with them a bit. Your local dz or gear vendor may have some.

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Do you want it to log your jumps? Will you connect it to computer? Does it have to be water resistant?

I use Neptune because it works with paralog and has all the features I wanted (log, 3 FF alerts, 3 CP alerts, works with paralog). It also works on standard batteries (you can buy them just about anywhere) and has user upgradable firmware.

But then again people that have L&B say good stuff about them...
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I've used both Neptune and optima..

Want log and canopy alarms and FF alarms - I's say neptune...

Want canopy alarms and FF alarms and the awesome L&B customer service.. Optima...

But now they have made 2's and 3's of the stuff so i dont know anymore..

It's not that big a deal, either way I think you'll be happy with your new audible:-D

Only reason I switched to neptune is because i lost my optima, and my dealer gave me i dicount on the neptune..

I was definately completely happy with either one of the two. Except from the dfact that i lost my optima in a field when I landed out(removed my helmet to untangle my sabre2 from a fence), but that can hardly be blamed on the audible:P

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