Best price on vigil 2 ?

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Is chutingstars $1169 US the cheapest price in the world on vigil 2 ?
thanks for your help.

I'm sure you'll find someone to sell it cheaper...there always is. But we do have them in stock and it would ship out immediately as we answer the phones and e-mail 7 days a week. For whatever the heck that is all worth.


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If you do find it cheaper, it won't be by much. And you won't find anyone with better service than Chuting Star.

(Not saying no other dealers are not as good, just not betterB|)

Edit to add: You're Australian? bigway is the owner of KarnageKrew and is a local Australian dealer that also has a great reputation.

[:$sorry Mike, gotta promote people buying local, you've always got my business:)
"Damn you Gravity, you win again"

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Hey dont bring me into this.

Yes, Mike has the best prices the world has seen. I want no part of mikes customers coming here to find someone to undercut him.

Besides, I dont sell Vigil. Unless I have to:P

Cypres all the way baby.

.Karnage Krew Gear Store

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