Serg the AEROODYNE distributor-Becareful doing business with

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You are a LICENSED parachute distributor in the skydiving industry no?

You have brought your commercial business into the forums like this.

Is this how you conduct your business of gear sales?

Is this what your customers have to worry about when doing business with you?

If someone is unreachable because of an accident or emergency, will they have to worry about you coming here and messing their name and reputation up?

This is not the way a professional gear distributor conducts business and I will be making a complaint to every manufacturer letting them know of your behaviour and your business ethics.

To all those who consider doing any business with this man in the future, ask yourself, are you prepared to risk this sort of thing as his business way of problem solving?

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Can't some of the greenies ban the both of them???

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*grabs beer & popcorn

Ah good! Another episode of 'As the Prop Turns' is on!

Hooray for mindless melodrama!

There's room on the couch...

I'll join ya on the couch. You know, I usually see the same characters involved with the same mud slinging on the forums. Drama, drama, drama.

Does anyone else find it funny that we made a SPORT out of an EMERGENCY PROCEDURE?!?!

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Look pal, you're no better than him with this post. You explain nothing, and throw out accusations just like he did.

In all fairness, the guy said he bought a complete rig, and was shipped only a container and reserve. I know that things happen, and sometimes life deals you a tough hand at a bad time, but I have trouble understanding what sort of trouble would prevent you from putting all of the purchased items in a box as opposed to just some of the purchased items.

I mean, you did pack a box, and successfully ship it to the guy. Why was the main, risers, and D-bag not included. If your reputation has beed sullied, and you want it fixed, come clean and offer up your explanation.

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