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A Relative Workshop Vector II, Type V5.5 - Main: 450-580/Reserve: 350-480 (pack volume); blue, RSL, excellent condition (less than 50 jumps). DOM: Sep 91.

I'm 5'9 and weigh around 190-200 I'm looking to get a 230sq ft, at the largest, canopy as my first canopy... thoughts? the container is one year younger than me... minimal jumps, but time in general has a way of wearing things down, regardless of use...

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This size usually had a 7 cell non-zp canopy about 220 sq. ft. Maybe up to a 240. A 220 sq. ft ZP most likely won't fit. I have a 7 cell zp 190 sq. ft. main in a V-5 and it fits.

A 1991 container was not ready for an AAD. If you want a modern AAD and it HASN'T been made ready it will take a little work from a master rigger. It also very likely didn't have a Bottom Of Container BOC deployment. You will likely want this added.

This rig is not particularly good for freeflying. But well maintained ones WITH a BOC were/are often used for limited freeflying. Not the best idea.

This makes a good second rig for demos, instructing, etc. If you REALLY poor this can be a reasonable first rig to learn belly flying. But I'd suggest looking for a somewhat newer rig.

I currently have 2. One as my second belly rig and one as my CRW/BIG canopy rig (a V-8).

And I agree with 200 to 400 if it does what you want. Closet queens can be good buys as long as they meet the need.
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