Faulty Risor Loops

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Thought this may be of interest concern over your side of the creek...note to add: The day after this was posted over here Quite a few risor assemblies were grounded.



(This notice has also been sent to all APF members with email addresses
in the APF data base)


On Sunday 18 January 2009, a PA Talon riser failed on opening. It was
the left riser with RSL fitted. The reserve was deployed into the
trailing main by the RSL resulting in a main reserve entanglement.
Fortunately and with luck the jumper managed to attain sufficient
reserve inflation to survive the landing with broken bones in his back
and shoulder.

During the investigation of his equipment it was found that the 3-ring
closing loop had pulled out from under the confluence wrap, releasing
the riser. It was reported as a snappy opening.

The rig was built in June 99 and had undergone 12 reserve repacks over
subsequent years.

In August 2001 the APF promulgated APF Service Bulletin No APF010801-A
3-ring Inspection And Maintenance. The inspection, Part A, is designated
Mandatory. This rig's reserve had been packed six times since the
service bulletin was published, and numerous other times when the main
was packed and possibly the 3-rings serviced. Had the service bulletin
been applied it would have highlighted that the riser did not meet the
criteria of the service bulletin the locking loop was too short.

Due to the unique method of construction on this riser of bar-tacking
across the loop it is probable that over a period of jumps some of the
stitches had broken due to the excessive load applied by the short
locking loop until on this jump they failed completely allowing the loop
to pull out of the riser, releasing it. It is impossible to visually
inspect the stitching as it is covered by the confluence wrap, failure
comes without warning signs. There was no kink in the left cutaway cable
to warn of excessive loading. To prevent a similar event occurring
especially when an RSL is fitted the following must occur.

MANDATORY INSPECTION in accordance with APF Service Bulletin APF010801-B
B.pdf> * Issued 23rd January 2009 of all 3-ring riser assemblies before
the next jump. Inspection to be noted on reserve packing card and marked
on inside of front riser with APF010801-B using a fine tip paint pen so
it will be visible even if the risers are black.

Note: APF SB 010801-B
B.pdf> is also available for download from APF web site at:

Inspection to be carried out by a packer B or higher rating. If there is
any doubt the assembly should be checked and evaluated by a rigger.

On all solo rigs and all types of riser style, one inch type 17 mini
rings, type 8 mini rings and standard type 8 with the larger rings, the
length of the locking loop should be level (+/- 2mm) with the end of the
fold of the webbing that retains the small ring when the riser is laid
flat with some tension applied to the small ring.

It is normal for new type 17 mini risers to be tight to interlock the
rings, this is because they become more pliable with use, but the
locking loop must still allow the housing some play and not pull the
small ring against the riser, see side view on service bulletin.

*This Service Bulletin replaces APF SB 010801-A Issued August 2001. New
inclusions: Identification of personnel to conduct inspection and
required method to record inspection.

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That incident was the fault of the owner and parachutes australia.

The focus however has been put on all equipment manufactureres and riggers.

parachutes australia made the faulty riser, the owner jumped it, and ignored a safety bulleten.

I know my risers are good, I have looked at them many times and understand how they work.
"When the power of love overcomes the love of power, then the world will see peace." - 'Jimi' Hendrix

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we had 3 sets of risers grounded at our DZ, 2 from thomas sports equipment (teardrop) and 1 from PA.

Now we all have APF010801-b graffitied on all of our risers, and have to look at that as it has been put (by accordance to the mandate) on the rear surface of the front riser on every single parachute system in Australia.

I hope the manufacturers will not charge the customers for replacing the faulty ones that are grounded!
"When the power of love overcomes the love of power, then the world will see peace." - 'Jimi' Hendrix

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